Connecting Voices (CV) MENA is a regional initiative and partnership that promotes governance and improved financial management practices in the public and private sectors.

The ultimate aim is to support the demands of citizens throughout the Arab World for jobs, better governance, a voice in public affairs, and social and economic inclusion as reflected in the MENA Regional strategy. CV MENA plans to seize on the windows of opportunity currently available in the region. It will support capacity building in the area of financial management, facilitate the development of a professional community, and the sharing and transfer of knowledge both within countries and within the region as a whole. CV MENA will help foster greater transparency and accountability, thereby engendering enhanced public trust. In addition, building public and private sector financial management capacity will also help attract and provide comfort to much-needed foreign direct investment in the region.

CV MENA is partially funded by The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF). The MENA MDTF is a programmatic trust fund that provides catalytic donor support to countries in the region that are currently undergoing historic transition and reform. In alignment with the Bank’s MENA strategy in response to the Arab Spring and with clear linkages to current and future Bank-funded operations and programs, the MENA MDTF will focus on

  • Strengthening Governance;

  • Increasing Social and Economic Inclusion;

  • Creating Jobs from both the demand and the supply-side; and

  • Accelerating Sustainable Growth. 

The cross-cutting themes of gender, regional integration and a competitive private sector are also fundamental tenets of the Bank’s MENA framework for engagement. 
The trust fund will support technical assistance for project preparation, analytical studies, capacity building and knowledge sharing.