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Insights: Steven Schonberger & Hisham Waly The Governance-Water Nexus

Steven Schonberger, is the Practice Manager of the Water Global Practice at the World Bank.


Hisham Waly, is the Practice Manager of the Governance Global Practice at the World Bank


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Interview Junaid Ahmad

Rama Krishnan

Lead Financial Management Specialist


[Shortly after this interview was completed, Junaid was selected as the Chief of Staff, Office of the President.  We wish him the very best in his new position.]


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The Role of Governance in the Water Sector

Water is a global issue. It is a source of life and prosperity. It has a wide impact in everything ranging from agriculture, industry, energy and transport to climate change, and public health. Water is also a cause of hardship and conflict.

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Untying the Knot “The water crisis is essentially a crisis of governance”

Hisham WALY

Practice Manager, Governance Global Practice / MENA
The World Bank


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Point-of-View: A Conversation with the GGP Staff

In the public sense, it means to deliver public services in an efficient and effective manner. And as World Bank President, Dr. Jim Kim, recently noted: “It means protecting citizens from violence and ensuring the rule of law. It means choosing wise policies and investments; maintaining public assets and ensuring that civil servants are skilled. 

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Why Governance Matters: Perspectives from World Bank Management

CV MENA recently reached out to World Bank senior management to better understand their perspectives on governance — what it is and why it matters. We received responses from around the region, reflecting local, regional and international perspectives on the issue.

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Interview Mario Marcel Senior Director - Governance Global Practice

Mario Marcel: I would say that when I came onboard, I felt the weight of the responsibility because the Governance Global Practice represented one of the most substantial changes from the previous structure of the World Bank.

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Governance Global Practice: Overview

The recognition that governance is a key element in sustainable economic development has been gaining in ascendance.  As part of a recent World Bank Group reorganization into 14 Global Practices (GPs) and 5 Cross-Cutting Areas, governance has assumed a central role. 

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From Vulnerability To Resilience

The concept of VUCA — volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity— was introduced in the late 1990s after the end of the Cold War. It followed a shift from a world of problems which demanded speed, analysis, and elimination of uncertainty, to a world of dilemmas which demand patience, sense-making, and an engagement in the midst of uncertainty. 

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Why Governance Matters

Jim Yong Kim

World Bank Group President 

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