A Snapshot of Public Investment Management in Libya

At 39 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) on average during 2003–05 (and 35 percent in 2008), consolidated public expenditure was among the highest in the world.  This level of public spending exceeded levels recorded in economies in transition in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, as well as in fast-growing Middle East and North African (MENA) countries, such as Algeria and Tunisia.

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Public Financial Management in Libya: A Gradual Approach to Reform and Relationship-building

Michael Schaeffer, Senior Public Sector Specialist and Wesal Ashur, Public Sector Specialist, Governance Global Practice / MENA, The World Bank

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Public Procurement Reform in Morocco

Prepared by: Rachel Lipson, Salim Benouniche, Abdoulaye Keita, and Khadija Faridi from the Governance Global Practice. MENA, The World Bank

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IN THE NEWS: Strengthening Local Governments in Tunisia as a First Step toward Decentralization

Tunisia is one of the most highly urbanized countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Roughly 70% of the country’s 11 million citizens live in towns and cities. Tunisia’s urban sector is the most vibrant part of the national economy and accounts for more than 85 % of Gross Domestic Product.

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President de l’Ordre des Experts

Comptables de Tunisie (OECT)

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Morocco’s Governance Reform Program: Strengthening Public Sector Performance and Encouraging Citizen Engagement


Senior Public Sector Management Specialist, GGP, MENA, The World Bank


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Ceci est la transcription, un peu raccourcie, d’une entrevue tenue par le 27 janvier 2014 avec M. Abdelkader Zgoulli, Premier Président de la Cour des comptes tunisienne, qui a relu le texte. Le style oral de l’entretien a été volontairement préservé.

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La profession d’expert-comptable au Maroc est regroupée au sein de l’Ordre des Experts Comptables (OEC) qui est une institution dotée de la personnalité morale. Les experts comptables sont les seuls qui ont le mandat d’audit au Maroc  Par contre les travaux de comptabilités sont exercés par les experts comptables ainsi que les comptables.

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