Public Sector

The Impact of Corruption on Public Finance

Michael Schaeffer

Senior Public Sector Specialist, World Bank





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Transparency and Open Government for Accountability

Stephanie E. Trapnell

Consultant, Governance and

Public Sector Group




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Why Citizen Feedback is Key to Combatting Corruption

Janmejay Singh 

Senior Strategy and Operation Officer

MENA, World Bank




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Interview: Debbie Wetzel, Senior Director, Governance Global Practice, World Bank

Corruption is a controversial topic among policy-makers and development practitioners. Former World Bank President Jim Wolfensohn stated during the October 1996 World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings that “we need to deal with the cancer of corruption”.  What do you think is the role of a development organization like the World Bank today when it comes to corruption?

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Corruption: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Francesca Recanatini

Senior Economist, World Bank





On October 1, 1996 James Wolfensohn, then President of the World Bank Group, delivered his address to the Annual Meetings and for the first time in the history of the World Bank, he explicitly mentioned the cancer of corruption.


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Citizen Engagement

By Berenike Schott, under the guidance of

Najat Yamouri and Janmejay Singh.


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Lagging Regions in MENA: Intervening through a Spatial Lens

Ayah Mahgoub

Urban Economist, Middle East and North Africa, World Bank



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