Public Sector

Helping Libya Build Strong, Effective and Accountable State Institutions

In April 2015, the World Bank organized a capacity building activity for Libyan civil servants in Istanbul, Turkey. The event was funded by the multi-donor World Bank-administered State and Peace Building Fund. The objective of the event was to offer an overview of how governments work in liberal democracies, specifically how some countries have built their state institutions and public administrations after years of autocratic rule and severe wars.

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Anti-Corruption: Role of Technology in the Fight against Corruption

by Victoria Lemieux,

Senior Public Sector Specialist GGODR, professor, the university of British Columbia


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Rule of Law - It’s all about the Politics: Laws, Policies and their Implementation in MENA

The rule of law is a multifaceted concept that has taken time to gel.  In their recent survey of the rule of law and development, Trebilcock and Daniels differentiate between “thick” and “thin” definitions.   With thick definitions, the rule of law is viewed as the backbone of a just and open society.

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Civil Service: Behaviour Bias

Neo-classical economic models are based on the economic rationality of individuals. However, laboratory experiments show that rationality is often limited, especially from choices made in the face of risk and uncertainty.

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Ministre de l'Economie et des Finances,

charge de l'industrie et de la planification, Djibouti

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IN THE NEWS: Strengthening Local Governments in Tunisia as a First Step toward Decentralization

Tunisia is one of the most highly urbanized countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Roughly 70% of the country’s 11 million citizens live in towns and cities. Tunisia’s urban sector is the most vibrant part of the national economy and accounts for more than 85 % of Gross Domestic Product.

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Morocco’s Governance Reform Program: Strengthening Public Sector Performance and Encouraging Citizen Engagement


Senior Public Sector Management Specialist, GGP, MENA, The World Bank


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Can Audit Fight Corruption?

Attention to addressing corruption at the national, sectoral, and project levels. The World Bank’s 2012 updated Strategy and Implementation Plan for Strengthening Governance and Tackling Corruption called for managing more effectively, rather than avoiding, the risks inherent in working in a development context, including the risk of corruption.

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You say budget sub-entity, I say hospital: Why we should work together for our client’s sake

Lead Economist, Governance Global Practice, The World Bank


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