Bootcamp Libya PFM/PIM

Event Details

DATE: December 15, 2015

TIME: 12:45 pm


The World Bank’s (WB) Governance Practice (PFM/PIM) have been engaging with Libya’s public administration over the past several years.  Most recently, the WB, in conjunction with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), engaged in Libyan national budget discussions with 28 members of Libya’s technical budget administration during theDecember 8-11, 2015 period.  The Libyan Public administration counterparts included members of the Central Bank of Libya, Ministries of Finance and Planning, Audit, and the National Oil Company. These December budget discussions serve as a follow-up to earlier discussions in March 2015 which provided the impetus for some budget consolidation and the gradual reduction of government subsidies.

During December 15-18, 2015, the World Bank’s Governance, Social Development Practices, and Private Sector Development Global practices will engage in a joint UNDP/UNSMIL meeting with the technical experts from Libya to assist in planning a way forward for the near-and-medium terms.