Bootcamp MENA: Advancing Public Participation in the Audit Process in MENA Bootcamp

Event Details

DATE: May 23, 2015

TIME: 12:00 pm

Location:Hammamet, Tunisia

May 2015

Hammamet, Tunisia

Mona El-Chami, Mehdi El Batti, Rama Krishnan, Carolina Vaira, Franck Bessette, Wael Elshabrawi, and Keith McLean


A bootcamp on “Advancing Public Participation in the Audit Process” was organized by the Public Resource Mobilization & Management and the Governance and Inclusive Institutions units at the World
Bank’s Governance Global Practice (GGP) in June 2015. The bootcamp brought together representatives from the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia. The objective of the bootcamp was to explore the value of citizen participation in the audit process and identify entry points for engagement between the citizens and SAIs.  Tunisia SAI case was demonstrated as an example form the MENA region based on its launched process of citizen engagement. Both the Korean and the Philippines relevant experiences were drawn upon to enrich the discussion and provide good examples of citizens-SAIs cooperation.