2013-05 EXCHANGE: Public Financial Management in a Changing Environment

Event Details

DATE: May 13, 2013

TIME: 9:00 am

Location:Abu Dhabi, The UAE

The Exchange: Public Financial Management (PFM) aimed to build financial management capacity in MENA, better equipping involved institutions in implementing governance reforms to strengthen accountability and transparency across the public sector (central and local).

These reforms are fully aligned with the World Bank’s new MENA engagement framework, which promotes governance, voice, and inclusion. The Exchange PFM assisted Ministries of Finance, supreme audit institutions (SAIs), civil society organizations (CSOs), and the media in building a trusting and collaborative working relationship. Specifically, it helped create a safe space for the parties to liaise and share experiences.

The Exchange was also attended by donor representatives active in the area of PFM in MENA, academia, and other relevant stakeholders

  • On May 13, the sessions focused on themes of interest to senior participants from Ministries of Finance, such as those in charge of government accounting and financial controls; supreme audit institutions; and other government agencies.
  • On May 14, the program was expanded to discuss points of interest to both government participants and representatives from CSOs and media with a role in public finance oversight.
  • Targeted roundtable discussions took place on May 15.

Results on several indicators, measured at the conclusion of the event, illustrate the success of The Exchange.

  • 81% - Participants who provided positive ratings on the quality and relevance of the event
  • 80% - Participants reporting awareness of the value of enhanced contacts and cooperation among MoFs, SAIs, CSOs, and media
  • 83% - Media participants reporting interest in increasing their coverage of public financial transparency matters and of SAIs’ reports and recommendations
  • 64% - Participating CSOs reporting that in future they can be more proficient in reviewing public financial transparency matters and SAIs’ audit reports
  • 87% - Participants reporting interest in membership in the CoP—Maarefah 
  • Follow up - A number of CV MENA follow-up activities, informed by The Exchange PFM discussions, were prepared and will be delivered in the coming months.