The World Bank Connecting Voices Maarefah Community of Practice, in cooperation with Transparency International (TI), hosted an online event in March 2015 featuring Ms. Ghada Zughayer, TI’s Regional Director of the Middle East and North Africa Department.  Ms.

April 2015



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Ma’arefah Member Face-to-Face Meeting

Introducing the Governance Global Practice

To Governance Professionals

Across the MENA Region


In this interactive event, Ms. Maria Vannari shared her wide experience in dealing with GAC issues in Bank investment operations.  She presented practical cases and discussed the way to interact with the various stakeholders when addressing GAC issues at the project level. She also explored the Bank’s effort to render the projects more “GAC responsive”.

In this event, Dr.

“Integrated Reporting” (called <IR>  for short) is a tool that enables the corporation to report on its financial as well as on the environmental, social, and governance aspects of its business.  It is a powerful instrument to enhance governance, transparency, and accountability in the corporate and public sectors.

One of the main reasons behind the lack of effectiveness and efficiency in anti-corruption programs and measures initiated by several governments, mainly of developing countries, is the lack of a comprehensive and targeted anti-corruption strategy.