MAAREFAH: Women in Anti-Corruption in the Middle East and North Africa

Event Details

DATE: March 11, 2015

TIME: 4:15 pm


The World Bank Connecting Voices Maarefah Community of Practice, in cooperation with Transparency International (TI), hosted an online event in March 2015 featuring Ms. Ghada Zughayer, TI’s Regional Director of the Middle East and North Africa Department.  Ms. Zughayer gave a presentation about the Women’s Project, an influential initiative that has supported women leaders in academia, business and the public sector from throughout the MENA region in advocating for gender-sensitive strategies to strengthen integrity in their sectors and on a national level. The discussion was moderated by the Maarefah Coordinator Ms. Natacha Draghi, and highlighted the work that TI and its partners have done to host sectoral workshops, encourage sharing of corruption experiences, develop ideas to address specific corruption issues and discuss advocacy plans to implement them.

Following the close of the formal presentation, an interactive question and answer session was hosted by Ms. Francesca Recanatini, Senior Economist with the World Bank Governance Global Practice and a member of the European Union Group of Experts on Corruption. To view presentations, participate in ongoing dialogue, and learn more about women in anti-corruption, please visit the Maarefah website and join our Community of Practice at