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The World Bank Connecting Voices Maarefah Community of Practice, in cooperation with Transparency International (TI), hosted an online event in March 2015 featuring Ms.

April 2015



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Ma’arefah Member Face-to-Face Meeting

In this interactive event, Ms.

In this event, Dr.

Maarefah responds to the need to implement, sustain, and build on the results of The Exchange, as well as to extend these benefits to those unable to personally attend Boot Camps and Solutions Labs. Maarefah (“knowledge” in Arabic) is a Community of Practice (CoP) that serves as a forum for ongoing dialogue and continuous peer-to-peer and expert knowledge exchange. The CoP—established by the Financial Management Unit of the World Bank’s Middle East and North Africa Region in 2011 as a response to popular demand for change, accountability, transparency, and inclusiveness—is designed to serve as a robust base for extending the dialogue and refocusing it on the needs of CV MENA. Please visit Maarefah.