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Istanbul, Turkey

August 16-18, 2015



On February 26, 2015, the World Bank’s Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Corporate Financial Reporting (CFR) Technical Practice, with the support of the MENA Micro, Small

The International Standards on Auditing (ISA) Implementation for Small and Medium Practitioners (SMPs)  Solutions Lab  Event was held on December 9-10, 2013 and attracted participation from over 200 attendees throughout the MENA region.

The Solutions Lab will be a targeted discussion on CAO's plans for cooperative audits with other Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs). Cooperative audits can be an effective tool for enhanced learning between SAIs. The virtual format will enable CAO to draw on the experiences of the SAIs with the widest experiences in the field.

Location: Videoconference rooms of the World Bank offices in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Djibouti, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestinian Territories, and Washington, DC; led by World Bank financial management specialists and an IPSAS expert.

In partnership with the World Bank’s Global Development and Learning Network (GDLN), CV MENA connects participants across the MENA region (once each quarter) in finding solutions on topics related to internal and external audit and corporate financial reporting. The Solutions Lab realizes that an answer is not necessarily the solution: a time-tested “best practice” may not be optimal in a particular situation because it may not  be politically or socially feasible at the time. The Labs help our clients fashion an attainable solution—an alternative answer to the problem—by bringing in other perspectives and different, yet relevant, experiences from other countries. The Labs also feed into the design of The Exchange.